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Protect the livelihood of your business with Raymond & Spence Farm and Crop Insurance! Let us help you manage the risks that accompany owning and running your farm. 

Farm & Crop Insurance

We Have Farms Covered

Our goal is to help you keep your business functioning throughout each day no matter what adversity you face.  From damaging weather conditions to drops in market prices, Raymond & Spence will be there to ensure that you are fully protected.  We always work with our client in mind.  Our insurance agents will help you find a coverage plan that is tailored exactly to your needs.

We build our Farm and Crop plan around each individual customer.  Raymond & Spence operates with the goal of helping the customer succeed year after year.  When dealing with all of the factors that accompany a farming business, you can operate with peace of mind under our insurance policies. 

Fire Protection

We have you covered for repair or rebuilding in the event of a fire occuring to your farm or structures.

Liability protection

We have you covered for medical expenses and damage in the event of a person(s) becoming injured on your property.

Yield Protection

Protection against losses due to natural disasters.  This covers crop damage due to conditions such as cold, frost, draught, flooding and more.  Protect your revenue from nature driven production loss.

Revenue Protection

Defend your business from revenue loss caused by low prices and/or low yields with this flexible, efficient and easy to use policy.  Rest easily knowing you’re revenue’s protected from production loss and price fluctuation in the market. 

Theft or loss

We have you covered for replacing items taken or lost in theft or loss. 

The Raymond⎪Spence Difference

Brent and Bill discuss the coverage options available for farm and crop insurance available to farming businesses and hobby farms.


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We are fully committed to our customers and their business. In fact, we operate with the intent to help businesses grow.  We pride ourselves on our personal relationships created with our clients, knowing their trust is fully instilled with us!  We take the time to understand your business because much like people, businesses have different needs. 

affordable options

We build our Farm and Crop plan around each individual customer.  Raymond & Spence operates with the goal of helping the customer succeed year after year. Let our expert agents walk you through different options to find the perfect plan that is tailored specifically to your business needs. We want to make sure you’re covered without breaking the bank!

Execute & Monitor

Don’t waste your valuable time searching for Farm and Crop Insurance. Let Raymond & Spence do the work for you.  After all, we’re experts in this stuff! Easy and affordable; we are the insurance company you want protecting you.  For a free insurance Farm and Crop quote, give us a call at Raymond & Spence, today! 

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